After more than 6 years, the American people as a whole have successfully avoided a critical examination of the 911 attacks.  Only after 14+ months of public pressure from family members struggling to understand how government officials failed to protect their loved ones did the administration agree to investigate the events surrounding 9/11.  This represents an unprecedented delay in appointing a commission.  In the case of Pearl Harbor, the Shuttle disaster, and the JFK assassination, the government responded by appointing a commission to investigate these events within days.  Millions of dollars were spent to examine the failures that led to each of events.  We can debate the accuracy of their conclusions but at the least, they acted swiftly to portray a willingness to the American people to account for these events.  And yet, for such a dramatic failure as 911, the American people accepted the illusion created by the media and the 911 commission that maintained “a failure of imagination” as the root cause for our government’s failure to protect and defend the American people.  After tens of trillions of dollars spent on defense and countless intelligence agencies tasked with preventing such an occurrence, the American people have been manipulated by fear to readily accept the “official” characterization of the events.  Despite the literally hundreds of questions provided to the 911 Commission by family members, more than 80% remain unanswered.  Despite hundreds of facts documented by the mainstream media that contradict the official story, we have yet to see the media connect the dots and provide a context for these isolated reports.

The war cry of this administration began with 911 as its justification.  The administration continues to use the attacks as the justification for the present political realty.  Immediately after the events, any political dissent or questioning of the official story or those responsible for our defense was attacked as unpatriotic.  While Cheney and others quickly moved to cut off an investigation of the events, family members and, at first, a small group of patriots began to raise significant questions about the failures that enabled the success of the attacks.  Examine the evidence yourself.  Then join us as we seek truth and accountability.

This lecture presents a context for the critical examination of the unanswered questions surrounding the collapse of the World Trade Center towers and WTC 7.
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With permission of Utah State Valley College, we are proud to offer Professor Jones' lecture entitled, "9/11 Revisited: Ethical and Scientific Questions" on DVD!  The lecture, presented at UVSC on February 1, 2006, sponsored by the Center for the Study of Ethics, addresses Jones' research hypothesis that pre-planted explosives toppled the World Trade Center towers as opposed to the widely-held belief that airplane crashes and fire triggered the collapses.

This 2 hour DVD, edited by the UVSC Media Engineering and Production Department, includes an additional introduction by David R. Keller, Ph.D.,  as well as Prof. Jones' powerpoint presentation.  24 chapter points facilitate group discussion by dividing the lecture into short, manageable topics.

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